Почему оптическое волокно такое дорогое?

Почему оптическое волокно такое дорогое?
Why is optical fiber so expensive?
An optical fiber is a cable of glass or plastic fibers that can be used to transmit light from one point to another. By transmitting light instead of electricity, optical fiber has a number of advantages over copper cables and other transmission media. In particular, it can transfer much more data over the same length of cable, and it also uses much less power to operate. However, even though it is a newer technology, fiber optic cables are still much more expensive than traditional copper wires for connecting to the Internet — about 20 times more expensive per mile! So why is optical fiber so expensive? Let's look at some cost factors.
Basics of fiber optic cable
First, let's start with the basics of fiber optic cable. This cable is made up of large fiber optic strands made from certain minerals such as quartz and has a glass core. The core is surrounded by a plastic shell. The cable can be made in different diameters depending on the purpose. The core of the fiber contains a tiny hole that is so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. Through this hole, light passes through the cable. Light travels through the fiber, reflecting off the fiber walls.
Materials and production costs
Fiber optic cables are made up of two main components: the fiber itself and the sheath that surrounds it. The fiber itself is made from high quality quartz and other rare minerals, making it expensive. On the other hand, the price of a jacket depends on the type of polymer from which it is made. PVC, for example, is cheaper than other types of plastic. However, even though these are the main components, the price of fiber optic cables is also affected by the length of the cable. The longer the cable, the more expensive it is. This is because longer cables require more materials, increasing their cost.If you are looking for cables for shorter distances, you will find that the price difference between short and long cables is not as significant as it is with long distances.
installation cost
While the yowhatsapp materials used to make fiber optic cables are expensive, their installation costs are actually very low. This is because they do not require any special tools or methods to install — a simple construction crew and a small excavator will do the job just fine. In fact, the only major installation cost that comes to mind is the need to dig trenches, especially in the case of laying trunk cable lines. This is because you will have to dig a trench in the ground to bury the cable, which is an expensive process. However, in areas with existing underground cables, installation costs can be reduced to the cost of digging up the cables and replacing them with fiber optics.
Regulatory costs
The regulatory costs of optical fiber are related to its health and safety aspects. This is because, unlike copper cables, fiber optic cables can pose a serious risk to public health. This is because the cables contain tiny glass fibers that can be easily inhaled or swallowed. This can lead to serious health complications such as damage to the lungs or intestines. To prevent this from happening, special safety measures must be implemented when designing and installing fiber optic cables. It comes with a hefty price tag. In addition, for laying cables in settlements, it will be necessary to consult with the authorities. This will require the payment of certain regulatory fees and is another major regulatory cost.
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